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5th Prague conference on Southeast Asian Studies - Connecting Southeast Asia and the World: Cultural, Historical and Political Ties

Datum události:8. 11. 2013 0:00:00
Konec události:8. 11. 2013 23:00:00


Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies and the Department of Asian Studies at Metropolitan University Prague

herewith announce

a Call for papers for the 5th Prague conference on Southeast Asian Studies1

Connecting Southeast Asia and the World:

Cultural, Historical and Political Ties

to be held on November 8, 2013 at Metropolitan University Prague


After holding four annual conferences that focused primarily on highly political and security issues in Southeast Asia (e.g. 2009 elections in Indonesia, issues of regional integration, Islam and politics, security in South China Sea), this year we would like to draw more attention to cultural and historical connections of Southeast Asia to wider Asia and also other continents. Southeast Asia, arguably one of the crossroads of the Eastern Hemisphere, has been for millennia connected to the outer world via trading sea lanes, which naturally brought not only waves of visitors and migrants and their goods and technologies, but also new languages and scripts, art forms, religions and philosophical conceptions. These imported and local elements (have) blended, often creating new, original cultural and other forms, which gradually became typical of a particular community. This process has also contributed to the creation of unique political arrangements of various states in the region.

It is therefore our interest to invite scholars, academicians and experts in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific to discuss and share their expertise in the following and other relevant topics:

- cultural exports / imports within Asia (e.g. India/South Asia to Southeast Asia, East Asia to Southeast Asia, Middle East to Southeast Asia and vice versa etc.) and the process of “indigenization” of new elements

- cultural, political and administrative contributions from the European (and American) colonizers to cultures and societies of Southeast Asia

- migrations to and from Southeast Asia – demographic changes and the evolution of patterns of ethnic pluralism and multiculturalism; Southeast Asian diasporas around the globe, their rise and their current developments

- cultural and ethnic hybridization and amalgamation, the rise and current developments of mestizo cultures (Melaka, Singapore, Penang, Batavia/Jakarta, Manila etc.)

- trading and commercial links – changes in the patterns of Asian trade over centuries and millennia

- the developments of political and economic ties of Southeast Asian countries to former colonial metropolises in the post-colonial era



Please submit your paper proposals (max. 300 words) and your CV via e-mail to Dr. Tomáš Petrů ( by September 6th, 2013. We will notify all submitters by September 28th, 2013 at the latest. Presentations should last 20 minutes and leave 5-10 minutes´ space for discussion. All papers selected for the conference will be included in a conference proceedings, published by the Metropolitan University Prague in due time. Full papers of 16-25 pages (Harvard referencing style) are due by October 31st and are a prerequisite for participation. We provide accommodation in Prague to all selected speakers; travel costs within Europe may be partially or fully reimbursed.

Venue:Metropolitan University Prague, Prokopova 16, Praha / Prague 3, Czechia

[1] This conference is organized as part of the RESAREAS – Cooperation Network for Research of Non-European Areas